Thursday, February 27, 2003

Why is it that we can pray and one moment receive an answer from God and then the next moment it's as if we have no ears. Today I was searching for some boarding passes from a flight last summer. After searching for a while I asked the Lord where they were and to please help me find it. Then I had this overwhelming urge to go upstairs and search our loft that is not often used. I knew in my head the papers were not there but I listened to that inner voice of God and headed up. In about 30 seconds I saw a plastic bag in the corner of the bookshelf and inside it was magazines and other papers we gathered while travelling. I have no idea why I put them there and totally forgot. Sure enough, there were two boarding passes there, one mine and one for my husband. I was thrilled and full of joy. I now can get the several thousand miles added to my account for this. But, the return flight was not there. So I asked the Lord again to show me where they were. Nothing. I asked and asked and nothing. Then I starting searching on my own. Nope, still haven't found them. Something tells me I will find them, but I'm not sure how. I've torn the office apart looking and finally gave up. I'm hoping my husband has better spiritual ears to hear from the Spirit of God when he gets home!

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