Saturday, March 29, 2003

Dreams from God

I woke up today after having some bizarre dreams I didn’t fully understand for a while. Then after spending some time thinking about them and praying about them, God showed me some powerful truths. One part of the dream has been happening every night for at least a week and I’m driving a car down a really steep hill. At the bottom there is an intersection that is really a T in the road because the ocean is straight ahead. I have to make a hard left and the brakes are hard and I have to practically stand on them to get the car to slow to a safe speed. Every time I get there, I panic that the brakes won’t work, but every time, they finally work at the last minute and at a perfect time so that I safely make the turn. I’ve had the dream so much that during my dream I even think, “oh this hill again. The brakes will work when they are supposed to.” But then I still panic at that scary point in the road! EEEK.

There were other elements in the dream that were powerful and enlightening. I know clearly now that something I had planned on will blow up in my face and then fizzle out if I pursue it. I must be clear and decisive and not pursue that AND seek God for what He has rather than my own human mind’s ideas. However, I still need to do something! Something needs to be done. Anything is better than nothing.

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