Tuesday, March 25, 2003

I'm still trying to figure out this war. I have heard different perspectives and feel more confused than ever. Ed Graham helped me sort through it this evening, and my husband, Michael, has been incredible and supportive. I guess I am just tired of so many apathetic people who seem to not face the reality of the horror of war. I'm also tired of the unclear message about why we are in this war. And I'm tired of the injustices done to so many people around the world while I wonder if this is really the answer. I have so many questions and so few answers. I guess I'm leaning more toward those who are opposed to this war. I love and support Israel and her right to be a nation, however, I cannot say that I support everything she is doing these days. I love and support America, but I don't know if I can support everything she is doing today. Hmmm... there's so much to think about that I can barely keep up with it.

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