Sunday, March 30, 2003

Ministry in a Post Modern World

As excited as I get about all the writing and talking that is out there about the emerging church in the emerging culture, I also have some questions. I wonder if some of us are merely trading programs and approaches. Although it's a new mindset, a new way of thinking, and deeply spiritual and very real, I still wonder if we are not engaging in humanistic spirituality. At the end of all the discussion, we are all people. Moderns, Post Moderns, caucasian, gay, Latino, educated, street smart, gang members, artists - we are all just people and God has put into our hearts a desire to find Him. I keep going back to the fact that it is His Presence that changes lives. It is His Presence that we all desire. It is His presence that makes teh difference. I have not seen a lot of talk aobut that in all the literature and that is beginning to cause me grief. Where is the supernatural? Where is the power of God? Where is the very thing that makes us the PEOPLE OF GOD? After that, your community, your program etc, can enhance or wound believers, this is true. (Been there.) But, at the core, who are we? What are we?

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