Thursday, March 27, 2003

Today was an interesting day. I called my Mom early this morning while I was driving to work because I reallly wanted her advice and input. She was so sleepy still that I didn't want to bring up anything heavy and I let her go back to sleep and I went to class. I prayed and I heard the Lord speak to me specifically but then I doubted it and thought I was wrong and didn't really hear Him right, etc. Later that evening I talked with my Mom. And she said, verbatim, the exact thing God spoke to my heart. It was such a blessing. That's the first time that has happened to me with my Mom. I love her so much and I am so glad God used her again in my life.

I had several interesting meetings with students. Then in the afternoon a group of students came to help me clean the department. They did such a GREAT job cleaning and organizing. We were able to accomplish a lot in a little time. I was so impressed with their servant hearts. Worked until 5:30 or so and it felt so good to have everything organized and cleaned out. We threw a lot of junk away! And, of course, my office is now a BIG mess!

The weather report was for really bad weather tonight, but it hasn't really hit yet. That's a bummer because we cancelled dinner plans on account of the weather. Joey and Marissa are visiting and this is their last evening here. Joey was excited to see falling snow for the first time.

I've been overwhelmed lately with so many goals and ideas and things to do. My husband has been fabulous and really supportive. I couldn't have made it through the last few months without him. He has been my prayer warrior and cared for me like no one else in my life. He is a walking example of Christ in so many ways. What an amazing man I have married! I am so blessed.

I spend a lot of time talking with students about relationships. It's always so amazing to listen and feel their pain and struggles because they are so real and so much a part of who I am and what I have walked through. It's like seeing my life all over again. I feel for their struggle and pain AND I have so much HOPE for them because I have experienced the hand of God in my life in this area.

My friend, Jaymie, has been waiting for Mr. Right for so long. I know her heart aches to see him soon. I pray God blesses her soon. I think marriage is so wonderful that I want everyone to have a great marriage like I do. Of course, people still see me as a newlywed and think that I haven't really experienced marriage yet to form an opinion. They may be right, but I still know that God brought us together and it's more clear to me everyday why He put us together. I am so blessed! And I just want everyone to experience this!

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