Monday, June 07, 2004

Did you know???

A recent study was done to show the level of confidence in institutions. The top 17 professions in order of confidence were:
1. US Military (Let's keep supporting our men and women overseas)
2. Four-year PRIVATE colleges and universities (yay for my University, Northcentral!)
3. Local Police Force (I guess only white people filled this survey out)
4. Four-year public state-supported colleges and universities (gotta love higher education)
5. Community Colleges (education AGAIN!)
6. Churches and Religious organizations (I wish this were higher, but to be in the top says something that pop culture and the media ignore too often)
7. Doctors
8. Hospitals
9. Presidential branch of the US government (Pray for your leaders)
10. Public elementary and high schools (education AGAIN! I think I chose the right path for my life!)
11. Local Government (Thank you Rep. Rhodes for always calling back and helping your consituents. That guy has been so nice and helpful to me. He has my vote!)
12. Television News (This is a shocker! I never know who to beleive. Particuarly the anti-American CNN. I wasn't included in this survey.)
13. Newspapers (see above)
14. State Government
15. US Congress
16. Lawyers (The MOST shocking of all!)
17. Large corporations (Hard to believe that anyone trusts them since Enron!)
Source: Chronicle of Higher Education, May 2, 2003 (Parenthetical remarks mine)

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