Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Grocery Stores

I went to the grocery store tonight. I had a very specific list that was even printed in the order of the store layout. And still it took my 2 hours. And, again, I wondered why the stupid layout of Cub Foods. And you can NOT go into the store without following this layout to some degree.
The produce is first which is fine, but I have to be careful later to keep the produce from getting smashed by cans. But, then next is meat, fish, frozen meat, etc. Then the deli, then dairy, then frozen. So by the time you get done going through the rest of the store the items needing refridgeration and the freezer the MOST have been out for an hour or more!
I went through the store and started at the end and worked my way opposite, but it was infuriating becuase it took longer and I had to go against the flow of shopper traffic.
WHY do stores do this??? We have to buy meat and freezer items no matter where they put them.
I'm going to look into that Simon Delivers company now. I heard it's almost the same price as the grocery store. We'll see.

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