Sunday, June 06, 2004

It's Been a LONG time

I haven't written here for a LONG time. Wow. My best friend, Jaymie, mentioned something about her and her sister's blogspots and I thought maybe I should go in and write something. My time is SO limited with my new little baby that I don't even know where to start. :) I guess I'll just say that within the last few days this little bundle has learned a few amazing things. She is living up to her name, Mazen, for AMAZING! She has found her feet, gone from 4 hours of sleep a night to 8 to 10 hours! YAY!!! And just today she decided to grab a bottle and shove it into her mouth herself. It's pretty funny to watch - so cute! And she is finally getting to be a cuddly baby. She's just 15 weeks old and has now decided that she is willing to snuggle in my neck and go to sleep. It is so sweet. I don't know what I'd do without her now. In only 3 months she has overtaken all my thoughts and of course all my time. I so much want her to become all that God wants her to be, but first I want her to be my cuddly little girl for a while. Every time I have to miss eating with friends because she is crying, or leave an event early, or sit in a nursing room and miss out, it never bothers me. I waited so long for her to come into my life that nothing else really matters. There will always be another church service. There will always be another dinner party, another restaurant, another event. But Mazen will only be a baby for a short time. And I only have one chance with her each day to grow her into a strong, healthy, confident woman of God. I hope I do a good job.
I can't sit here and write all the time because I have to go feed her now. :)

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