Thursday, June 10, 2004

Mazen's finally asleep, it looks like the Lakers are going to lose, I managed to get three loads of laundry done today, dinner cooked (at least the chicken - Michael cooked the potatoes and made the salad), Mazen bathed, but the house is still a mess and Booboo needs a good brushing. It seems I can get so little done in a day but it doesn't matter so much because I have a little baby I love so much.
My Mom is having surgery soon. I am so concerned about her. I hope it's alright. She told me not to worry about flying out for the surgery which her doctor said is "bread and butter" for the surgeons. I guess they do so many of these kinds of surgeries that it's a main source of income. But I wonder if she's just saying that because having me or Kelly there with a baby in tow would be more stress than help. I wish I could be there for her. Sometimes it's tough to have a baby this late in life because you can't help your parents when they need it.
We are still waiting to hear if Jon's eye surgery will work or not. We are praying God restores his sight. Michael and I stopped in at the oldest church on the West coast while in San Francisco. It's St. Mary's (I think) and built around 1848 or so. It survived the quake of 1906 but was damaged by the fire in the aftermath. The brick structure remained though and this building still stands. Now it's on the edge of China town. We were more interested in exploring this beautiful old building that was built to honor God than looking at dozens of little shops in another China town. We went in and bought a candle and lit it for Jon and prayed for him in front of a beautiful marble statue of Jesus. Then we walked around quietly showing Mazen the stained glass windows and the stations of the cross. I was reminded of my own childhood growing up in a Catholic church. It was a moment of retrospect and thanks to God that He has always been in our lives.
Okay, we gotta go to bed. I miss my husband! I think he's out there in front of the news folding baby clothes. :)

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