Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Michael's Birthday

I took Michael out for a special BIRTHDAY dinner this evening. We had so much fun. He is an amazing husband. I planned a whole evening and it was full of surprises. I had found some fun places that he didn't know about and we explored them after dinner. The weather was pretty good and the mosquitos weren't out yet so it was really nice.

Then we came home and paid and thanked our babysitter, Auntie Jenni, I walked into the baby room to check on Mazen. She was wide awake. I don't know for how long. She had moved her whole body perpendicular to the crib and had her feet on her Fisher Price aquarium. I heard Michael walking by and whistling and I rushed out to tell him to be quiet and come into the baby room. We stood there for 10 minutes watching her. She didn't know we were there. She was kicking the button on the aquarium to make it go on, then off, then on, then off. She used her foot to make the starfish spin. Then she was back to pushing it on and off over and over. It was so fun to watch. And of course she would blow bubbles with her spit at the same time. We were so amazed! She's 15 weeks old and so talented! :)

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