Friday, June 25, 2004

Things I'VE Learned Recently

1. Don't bake sugar free cookies. By the time you "fix" it so it tastes edible, it has twice the sugar (honey, molasses, brown sugar, white sugar, corn syrup) of a normal cookie and still tastes nasty no matter how much cinnamon you put in it.
2. ALWAYS screw the lid to a bottle closed before giving it to a baby.
3. Minnesota has more road construction sites than lakes but it's still the land of 10,000 potholes.
4. Even if you've cleaned a room for an hour, it is still a mess when you have a baby. (I don't care what flylady says!)
5. It is impossible to put a diaper on a baby when she stiffens her legs.
6. Screaming will get you almost anything.
7. Chocolate DOES relieve stress! I haven't been able to eat chocolate since the baby was born and boy am I stressed out!
8. Mosquitoes will eat any kind of blood - no matter what amount of B vitamin horse pills you swallow.
9. Babies never "sleep like a baby."
10. Some people actually DO live in Minnesota for the weather.

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