Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Pictures at the Beach

We don't have our pictures developed yet, but I got some digital ones from Kelly to put up.  Soon we will have our studio pictures to put up too, but they aren't here yet.  I can't wait.  They turned out really good.  Anyway, hope you enjoy these! 

Mazen looks so serious!  Like she is contemplating the meaning of life at the ocean!  :)  She really did enjoy the waves that day.  It was the first time she enjoyed them.  Then we caught some sand crabs for her and Breanna to look at.


I think Kelly and Paul need to feed Breanna more often so she doesn't have to resort to eating sand all the time.  THe poor kid needs some fiber!  :)


Gamma playing in the waves with Breanna.  (Mazen wasn't THAT brave!)


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Anonymous said...

Great site Barb, it is great to see you all there. I hope we can meet with your family sometime when we come back from Russia, 2005, summer to 2006 fall.
All our love, John & Beth Wilson.