Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Back to Work

Well, I am off to work soon. Getting a late start, but it is a start just the same. I am so thankful that my husband is working from home these days. I had secretly hoped that he would because I just don't want anyone else raising our most valuable baby. I told the Lord that if that was what is to be that He would have to speak to Michael because I just didn't feel right suggesting it.

Sure enough a few weeks later, Michael comes to me and tells me that during his prayer time God spoke to him about staying home to take care of Mazen. He said he felt that she really needed one of us home and he could do his work from home. I started crying I was so touched and thrilled by it. It was like a huge weight lifted from me. I knew I would never have to worry about Mazen because Michael is such a good Daddy. He takes care of her better than I do I think.

He talked to his supervisor at work who told him she already had a few other people doing this so they agreed and he brought the software home to work at home. We need to organize our office to something more efficient. It will work really good for us this way. Part time he can earn as much as I earn full time. We are just trusting God. Michael's goal is to plant a church anyway, so he hopes to be doing that full time before long. What an answer to prayer.

I was recently at a women's ministry meeting where someone commented that it was always so good to be with other women and minister one to another. I agree and enjoy and appreciate my female friends deeply and dearly. Then they went on to say "you know, we just can't talk with our husbands the same way. They just don't enjoy talking like women do, so we really need each other for support..." etc. I thought for a moment about my husband. He is not like that. He is my friend and my confidante and I can tell him anything and we talk ALL THE TIME! Even last week when I came back from meetings at the Deaf Convention late at night, (he'd go back to the hotel to take care of the baby and get her to sleep and I'd stay and pray with people at the altar and talk to everyone for hours and then grab a ride with someone) I'd sneak into the room, feed Mazen, and try to keep from waking him. I did, but sure enough he'd wake up to go to the bathroom or something. Then he'd lay in bed and talk with me for an hour about what the Lord did in my heart and at the service. We'd pray together and talk. This happens all the time. He is my strong support and love. I can't imagine life without him.

I want so much for him to fulfill all his dreams. We have so many dreams for the Lord. I just know that God has a plan for us together. The Lord told me some specific things I need to do this year and I was not sure how it would all work with Michael and his calling and I told him and Michael responded in such a Godly and supportive way. We will find a way to make it all work. What a blessing he is. I am so amazed every day by this man.

I only hope that I can give back to him as much as he has given me. He tells me I do, but I don't know about that. I pray for him and love him and brag on him and would do anything for him. I'll never forget when he got so sick I had to take him to the emergency room a few months ago. It was a strange thing and he's okay now. But he was in so much pain that it really scared me. I stayed strong and kept myself from crying becuase I knew I had to be for him, but inside I was so frightened and prayed the whole time. I know Michael would want me to believe always for his complete healing no matter what the report and I knew I had to do that no matter what my own inclinations might be. I pray that nothing ever happens that is tragic, but if it does, I pray God gives me the strength and faith to stand as Michael would.

I am so blessed!

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