Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Mazen's FIRST TOOTH!!!

Today when I got home from work I held Mazen and talked to her. She really wanted a snack so I got her some turkey that she likes and was feeding her little bites of it. (She loves that Turkey!) As I fed her I noticed something sharp in her mouth. I felt around on her gum, and sure enough, one little tooth is poking through!!! I called Daddy over but he was cutting up some ham and didn't want to put his finger in her mouth just then so we tried to get her to show us. Have you ever tried to look inside a baby's mouth? Just believe me when I say it's nearly impossible. They must give Pediatricians entire courses called, "Investigating Oral Cavities of Infants" or something. It's an art. She never let us look. But sure enough, one little bottom tooth is poking through. No wonder she's been up at night for the last several days. Not only does she have a cold, but this tooth was probably bothering her. I gave her baby tylenol cold medicine tonight. The Tylenol for the tooth and the cold medicine for her nose.

Awww... we are so proud! Buttons are popping off Daddy's shirt as I type.


Emily said...

YEAH!!! How exciting!!! :) Happy!

Your little girl is just precious. I'm so glad you posted those pics--keeps those of us a little out of the loop feeling like we're still part of your life. :)
Love to you all!

Jenni said...

Wow. Crawling AND a new tooth?! She's practically a growed-up!