Sunday, September 26, 2004

New Pics!!!

Amazin' Mazen Baby:

Mazen sitting on the grass in front of church today. I love this picture! Thank you Cousin Breanna for the dress!!!


Mazen and her Great Aunt Renee! (Gamma's Sister.)

Mazen and Great Great Great Aunt Donna Ardell. (That's Gamma's Aunt on Gamma's father's side, and Gamma's Great Aunt on Gamma's mother's side. So, for Mazen, that makes her BOTH Great Great Great Aunt and Great Great Aunt Donna!)

That's one EXCITED BABY with Daddy! Who said it was bedtime anyway!?

Mazen & Daddy at the Minnesota State Fair. Labor Day 2004.

Mazen's first meeting with a piglet.

The Fair is an interesting place for a baby!


Jenni said...

Barbara, what beautiful pictures!!! Oh, I love that baby. The church one is PERFECT. What in the world did you do with all your time before she came along?! ;) It would be fun to get pictures that include you and include Michael, like the State Fair one, so when Mazen looks at them some day, she sees what you guys looked like on a day-to-day basis too. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Kelly said:

I love the picture of her in the purple dress. She looks so she is listening to God.