Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Who's Who Among America's Teachers

Wow. Someone nominated me for "Who's Who Among America's Teachers"!!!! I am still in shock. The book arrived today and there's a little paragraph all about me.

I feel so honored that someone would nominate me and that I would then be chosen to be listed. It makes me feel like I might be a pretty good teacher after all.

Then, I remember that scene from that old Steve Martin movie, "The Jerk," where he runs around jumping and screaming that his name is finally "in print" as he is holding a phone book and finds his name in the phone book for the first time. I kind of feel like that too. :)

It's a nice honor. But all I do is really just service to God and students and hopefully it's making a difference. Watching them grow, learn, mature, and then walk in their gifts and calling is the greatest gift. Bigger and better than any "who's who" book.

But, still, it makes me smile. I can't help it. Thanks to the person who nominated me, whoever you are.

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