Wednesday, October 27, 2004

My Students

My students at NCU are such a blessing. A couple of weeks ago I was really sick and stayed home from work one day. The next day I returned feeling much better. That afternoon I taught Bible Study Methods. Towards the end of class I saw one student repeatedly getting up to leave and then come back. After a while I thought something was wrong with her so I asked if she was okay. She said she was fine and I just went on with class thinking that it wasn't anything to worry about. Then at the very end of class she left again and returned with a huge vase of roses in a variety of colors. There was a card in it signed by several of my students. All the Deaf ones and several hearing ones as well. They said they wanted me to know how much they appreciated me and the work I was doing. Then one by one they told me individually how special I was to them. I cried so hard because I was so touched. It was a divine appointment for me. A reminder of why I do what I do. I thank God for those students. They amaze me at every turn and then on top of that they minister to me when I need it most.

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Kristy said...

Hello Barbara...I was beginning to wonder about you. I actually need to email you again. Need advice...something like that :) I miss you ... terribly. I feel so disconnected from you and Michael..and from so many of my close friends there at NCU. I'm not pushing's just the pain of distance speaking. Is this the part where you say welcome to ministry?
Every time I read your words I cry....out of imense love, ache, and longing to see you again. I love you all.