Monday, March 07, 2005

Tired of being sick and tired!

Well, we've had an amazing week. Last week we had Church Plant Boot Camp M - Th. It was intense and amazing and wonderful. Michael is so pumped to have all our goals outlined. I've never seen him so excited. He's really moving on everything related to this church plant.

Of course, we've had a string of illnesses sweep through our home in the last 2 months. The pediatrician told us kids always get between 6 and 10 colds a year and mostly in the winter. He said to always prepare for 3 months of sick because each cold lasts about 10 days for a kid. Ugh. I don't receive that!

But I got hit with this virus and it moved into my lungs quickly. I never had a head cold, it just went straight to my lungs. I wonder if I had been able to get the flu shot this year if I could have avoided this. Who knows? Anyway, it's pretty yucky. I didn't really realize it until it was too late. I need to stay on top of these things better. I called to get some more albuterol for my nebulizer and a new inhaler because mine was running out. (That rarely happens.) None of the docs I know would prescribe anything without me going in. I complained the whole way. After all, I know my own body and I know when I am sick and what I need! I had to go in anyway. I walked out with 5 prescriptions. Two I vowed not to fill but the doc begged me to consider it. I got my neb, my inhaler, and took the sample advair. I started back on Singulair (a miraculous medicine for me) which I haven't had for years because insurance wouldn't cover it and then I was pregnant. Anyway... I REFUSED to take prednisone. I HATE that stuff. The side affects are atrocious. Horrible and fast weight gain (like I need more of that!) swelling, bloating, my face blows up round like a basketball, I can't sleep, and it makes me really depressed. What a way to spend this week after an exciting one last week. I refused it. Then the next day I was coughing terrible in the morning and I could breathe out but not in. It was like my lungs just squeezed shut and kept pushing air out but not relaxing to let air in. Michael went to the pharmacy and got the prednisone. Ugh. So I'm taking it for a few days. I feel like I have no choice. I've never been this wheezy in my life. (except for when I was first diagnosed 20 years ago) I've been wondering if I have some weird kind of thing going on that I've not had before. My lungs are all fluidy. It's weird. If you read this, just send a prayer up. It's hard on me and Michael. I'm irritable and no fun. I've even had to sleep in the guest room for 3 nights now. I wake up in the night coughing and hacking and would wake up Michael and Mazen so I stay in the room alone. I hate sleeping alone since I got married. It's weird to be alone in bed. I like knowing someone else is there.

Okay... so then my friend had her baby and she had a really tough delivery. I wanted to be there for her but Michael kept warning me that I could give her and the baby this nasty thing I have. I would never be able to forgive myself, so I'm staying away for now. Then my other friend is in the ER tonight. Not sure what's wrong, but it might be something pretty serious. Ugh. Pray for these unnamed people.

Okay... My husband is back and we never have any time together so I am going to go now. Byeeeee!

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