Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Mazen is Sick

Mazen was in the church nursery on Sunday. I was reluctant to leave her, but she's 14 months now and she just can't handle sitting in church and she's too big for the baby nursery so we went to the Waddler nursery. It was full of 8 boys and her. I was a bit worried, but she seemed to warm up to one of the ladies in there. I checked on her and she was fine. Then after church I ran back during the closing prayer and she was crying. Poor baby. We had a bottle and she calmed down.

Then I saw one of the kids had a snotty nose. Uh ohhhhh. Sure enough. Today Mazen is sick. Her eyes are weepy and her nose is runny. Why do people put sick kids in the nursery???!!! Argh.

She went down without a fuss. Then after 20 minutes she just woke up crying. We decided to wait it out and she did put herself back to sleep. Whew. She's learning. I feel so bad for her that she feels bad.

Michael's browsing the internet for a house.... again. Seems like we might never find one. The "fixer upper" we found seemed very stressful and as we were mulling it around we found out that the bank is considering an offer on it now. We don't know if they will accept it or not, but we figure that door is probably closed. Who knows?

We cancelled our Satellite TV service today. To save money and to rearrange our lives. It's exciting and a big change for us. I'm excited about it, and also know it will be a bit of an adjustment for us. Neither I or Michael watched much TV until we moved to Minnesota. The winters here did us in. You can't go anywhere, no going outside, going to the beach, visiting people in the dead of winter when it gets dark at 3:30pm and it's 20 degrees below zero! So, this is a good time of year to make the change. :)

Ok... I gotta go... still got lots to do tonight! Some time with the Lord and then finish up formatting a lengthy exam that I spent 4 days writing. The final part of getting it all lined up, the numbers on it, and the values for each question always takes so much longer than I expect.

Thanks for the encouragement Emily! Don't give up the house hunt. It's tough, but you will find just what you are looking for if you can be patient AND quick. Patient to wait, and once you see it quick to offer! Let me know what city you end up deciding on.

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