Friday, April 29, 2005

The Message

I really love the Bible translation, The Message, but every time I read it I get out an NIV and look up the verses to compare it because I kind of start guessing what the verse says as I know it. So finally I got an NIV/Message Parallel version. It was on sale. It has been SO MUCH fun to read! I get lost in it and see whole new meanings to the verse. The translation puts it into the context of my time and language better than any Bible I know of. There are some verses, though, that I question how they were translated. But that's another subject.

Still no one interested in our house. I'm not sure what we need to do to get them interested. I guess it just takes time. It's never taken me this long to sell a house! I wonder what God is up to. :)

Today is Baccalaureate. So all the faculty "gown up" and march into chapel and sit in pews all dressed in caps and gowns and Dr. Anderson speaks to the grads. It's a special time for the students. I stopped counting how many times I have had to put on a cap and gown over the years! Most people only wear theirs once. I have to get mine dry cleaned. :)

Here's a scripture that has been on my mind for 3 days now:

"There is no time to waste, so don't complicate your lives unnecessarily. Keep it simple - in marriage, grief, joy, whatever. Even in ordinary things - your daily routines of shopping, and so on. Deal sparingly as possible with the things the world thrusts on you. This world as you see it is on its way out." 1 Cor 7:29-31

And another one from last night:
"In the same way, anyone who holds on to life just as it is destroys that life. But if you let it go, reckless in your love, you'll have it forever, real and etermal." John 12:23

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