Wednesday, July 27, 2005

We are still breathing.

Michael has had not one but TWO root canals now. He says he feels better but is sore. The dentist decided he had another tooth going bad causing the pain. Let's hope this is it. He was in so much pain moving.

I have successfully unpacked the ENTIRE KITCHEN!!!! Everything that was in the downstairs and the upstairs at the old house fits in the kitchen cabinets with lots of room to spare!!! I might have a few more things in storage but I think it's all unpacked.

I also unpacked all but one box of Mazen's room. I thought it was done but I later found one more box in the living room after she was asleep. I also unpacked ALL the linens and found places for them throughout the house. YAY!!!

Tomorrow we will unpack books and work on the office area. :) We don't have our computers hooked up yet. I have to figure out how to do laundry to pack for the Denver trip. Ugh. Our new washer and dryer won't arrive until NEXT WEEK! Too much traveling. I am at a point where I really don't want to go but I need to go becuase I'm recruiting students for NCU. We are just exhuasted. Moving is so much work and so exhausting.

Pray for us to get through the next few weeks especially as school gets started again. I just don't have enough time to do everything I need to do. Taking a deep breath and trusting God to pull it all together. AMEN!


Kristy said...

Hey! We need to talk...big changes in my life and need a mom, spiritual mom, mentor and friend to chat with about them. I have a meeting with my pastor here in Riverside Friday at 930am and will be telling him I wish to move nearer to Norwalk and learn from them rather then continue in Riverside for now. Not to mention .... the other big thing I wish to talk to you about is a big reason for me wanting to move. *grin*
I LOVE YOU and miss you terribly.

Amanda Lee said...

wow... looks like you have been busy! Hope your hubby feels better... 2 root canals. That sucks! How are you recruiting NCU students in Denver? If we get more in our program maybe they will give us money???!?!?!!!
I am in Texas now... will pray for your strength as things are crazy and with school starting in 27 days it will get even more so! later