Saturday, August 13, 2005


A few days ago I was cleaning up the kitchen and Mazen was playing on the floor and watching a cartoon. I overheard, vaguely, the cartoon as the animals were talking about kissing. Apparently all the animals would kiss each other but the skunk refused to kiss any other animal because "A skunk does NOT kiss a cat! A skunk ONLY kisses another skunk!" The story was about this skunk refusing kisses from everyone then finally met a girl skunk and kissed her and then they were married. I was half listening when I saw out of the corner of my eye Mazen waddling over to me. She stood right below the sink and said, "Ki, ki....." I looked down and was both touched and surprised. She stood there until I bent down and she gave me a kiss then she ran back over to her toys and continued playing. My heart melted and I thought to myself that I must never forget this moment.

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Amanda Lee said...

that is precious...
they are really cute at that age... haha I went to visit a family I lived with and there are 3 kids and the middle boy came up to me and hopped in my lap. He asked if I liked his boots as he was playing with my hair and he said "you so butiful, Miss Manda" haha I melted... Manasseh is so adorable. All of them are. Kids just love and it is so pure. They just say what they feel and are so honest. I love that about them.