Monday, September 05, 2005

Camp Snoopy

Mazen's had a great Labor Day weekend.

She got to go to Camp Snoopy! She rode the Merry Go Round, the kiddie Roller Coaster (with Daddy) and the Camp bus that goes round and round really high. She loved it. (Will put pictures up soon.) Then she got to play at Lego World. That was fun! We ate nachos at the RainForest Cafe and she got to talk to all the tropical fish, clutch my neck when the monkeys started screeching and pounding their chests, and watch the waterfall and rain storm. Then she had some Cold Stone Creamery ice cream! Mine was Banana ice cream with bananas, pecans, and a few other things. Daddy had chocolate (of course) with coffee and nuts and chocolate. :) She liked mine best! "MORE MORE" she signed after each bite.

It was great fun. And still we thought about the kids and families south of us on the same river we are on struggling to survive. Surreal thought.

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Amanda Lee said...

haha glad you had fun...

and that you think about otherss...