Friday, September 23, 2005

Our Own Disaster Area

I'm writing from work because we still have no electricity at home. Our power went out during the worst storm I have ever personally experienced on Wednesday at 7pm and hasn't been restored yet. Sigh. Our beautiful maple in the front yard that is probably 50 years old came down and is completely lost. Most of the trees in our neighborhood are gone. Then, sadly, our basement flooded because the sump pump runs on electricity and we had no electricity. All the boxes I had yet to unpack from the move got soaked. I lost hundreds of files and other things. Sigh. Thankfully my students came to our aid and a large group of them came to my house to help us get the things out of the basement. The back yard was strewn about with stuff hoping it would dry. They worked so hard.

I threw my hips out again. Sigh. So today I am walking with my nice old lady walker. It helps me a lot. I just wish the pain would get better! Ugh. I'm gonna go home and look for some pain medicine.

It's been a tough week. I overworked on the basement and we are exhausted from all that's happened. The good news is that as we sat in the basement praying during the storm we asked God to protect us and our neighborhood that we are reaching out to. With all the trees down, not one house had a tree on the house. That's amazing! :) Michael walked around the neighborhood yesterday to assess the damage and talk to neighbors. He said he met a lot of people.

I haven't had time to get to my email because we are out of power and I've barely had enough time to get in to the office to make it to classes and meetings. Maybe sometime this weekend if the electricity gets up and going we will be able to save our perishable food and start to use the computer at home again. :)


Jenni said...

Wow. It really IS your own disaster area. Praying for grace for you and your family.

Amanda Lee said...

I am just glad you guys are okay and your house is as well... It was nice to see everyone come over to help... Are you still needing help? You know that anytime you need something you can ask, right? Is the tree finished? That chainsaw guy was kind of good-looking... ;)
Do you have electricity yet?! Well, I may call to see if you need any help... I just got back from Fall Retreat. Oh, the storm... speaking of storms... Rita was set to hit my family dead on... but at the last minutes it shifted east and once again devastated more of LA. But my family is safe! I was really worried... (that is why I was crying in Linguistics and you asked if I was okay...) But yeah.
It sucks about your hip... let us know if you need anything!!! Okay? Later Barbara

Emily said...

Big hugs and prayers for you all. BTW, You can ignore the email I sent you from work - I found it. :)

Jaymie said...


Kristy said...

was it a tornado?! I'm praying!