Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Peace of mind

When I was going through a lot with being sick, having major hip pain, and work piling deeper and higher, one of my students wrote this poem for me and sent it to me on my sidekick while I was at home resting and trying to heal. This woman has grabbed a place in my heart and family that will always be. She is my "right hand" at work, and I don't know what I'd do without her. Then she sends me this encouragement. I am so blessed!

Friend to the End

Through out your life you have many names,
Most important to me, a friend you will always be.
God brought you into my life for a reason,
You and I are blessed because God brought You to me.

Life can be cruel, it can be unfair, and it can throw you into despair,
Just know that I will, my friend, always be there.
If you cry, I too will cry, if you laugh, I will laugh with you,
For as friends, our lives, our feelings we share.

I will not leave you in the midst of chaos,
Through the Good and the bad, on me, you can depend.
Friends are there for you and that's what I'll do,
For in my heart, you are a friend, to the end.

By Raelyn Frink

Copyrighted © 2005
November 15, 2005

Love ya! This is for you always. For you alone, no one else. This is
from my heart to yours. I love ya!

†•·†•· Raelyn ·•†·•†

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