Saturday, February 25, 2006

Hey Everybody - Try this!

Guess what?
Now when you comment, an email goes straight to Michael. :)
Sooooooooo, in an effort to get him to actually write something on this family blog of ours, would everyone please comment here and tell him that he needs to write some posts?! He has been doing an AWESOME teaching at The Gathering Place (TGP) that I think should go on our website. If everyone starts asking him to do it, maybe he will!!!!
(shhhh don't tell him I put this up here)


Jenni said...

Michael, I have been loving the teachings we've had recently. Thank you for taking up leadership for this new body. We love you.

Francisco and Kristy said...

Michael!! I miss you so very much! You still need me there :P Francisco and I are hoping to come out to Minn sometime before May so I cannot wait to hear you teach!!

SweetRaelyn96 said...

Hey Michael,

How about posting something on the blog? I Love coming to TGP, I call it my home church now. Love Ya!

Emily said...

Michael - the echoes of your work are carried out to Washington... You really are a blessing! :)