Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Mazen has become such a caretaker. She spends all her time playing with
he dolls which she calls "babies". One by one she sits them in her lap,
reads them a book, says prayers, and puts them in their crib for a nap.
They must take baths. Their clothes must go in the washer to be
cleaned. They must get lotion and pony tails. They ALL must sleep with
her and get up with her (Daddy is required to transport the lot of them
in the morning and evening. They ride in strollers, on buggies, and
they eat dinner with Mazen.
Today while driving home she was so happy to see her baby after
daycare. She had quite a long conversation with the baby that went
something like this:

Baby! Ahhhhhhhh Baby. Kiss. Hug.
Baby check diaper. Poopie!...uh oh poopy diaper.
Baby pants off. Poopue diaper. Uh oh. Wet. Look.
Pants off. Ohhhh owie bottom. Baby bottom owie. Wet. Owie.
Poopie. Change diaper.

She was so sweet.

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Jenni said...

I remember doing stuff like that. (I don't think the stuff I remember was from quite that young smile) Yay for Mazen taking good care of babies. She already knows and does things for them that so many moms today don't do for their children. She must know what's it's like to be cared for so carefully. ;)