Saturday, March 03, 2007

Finally Writing

Well, I'm finally writing something on here. I bet everyone stopped reading it! SOOOO much is happening in our lives - hard to know where to start. :)

Mazen - She's 3 now - and she keeps reminding us of that fact. Although she seems to want us to constantly do things from when she was a tiny baby. Such as, sing the song I invented, "Mommies loves the babyyyyyy!" followed by a bunch of kisses! And "I love you, a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck, and a HUUUUUUUUUG around the neck!" Last night she went to bed very well, and as soon as we left the room, she snuck into our room and climbed under the covers on my side of our bed and went right to sleep. I'm not sure what's so much better about Mommie's bed when we aren't in it - but it's "better".

36 people came to Mazen's birthday! I will put up pictures soon. 12 kids and 24 adults. It was so much fun. Everyone made a lot of memories for Mazen. The kids played at the Eagle's Nest and the adults talked and talked. It was great fun. We are part of an amazing community of Deaf and hearing people who love God and love each other. What a blessing.

We've been teaching Mazen to say, "Go away, in the Name of Jesus" when she sees something scarey in her bedroom at night or in a dream. So, recently, she was tired of waiting for us to leave a place and she said, "Mommie, go home. Please, Mommie, let's go home. Mommie. Mommie! Go home in the name of Jesus." Oh my. We had to get going then!

Yesterday she got out her cell phone and said, "Mommie, my phone is ringing. Ringggggg. Hello. Oh hi! Mom, it's Jennifer. Hi Jennifer, how are you. I'm fine. That's good. Uh huh. Wow. Sounds good. What are you doing. I'm with Feepay. Oh that's nice. Yes. I love you Jennifer. Can I talk to Feepay? Sure. Ok, bye. Ringgggggggggggg. Hi Feepay. Mom, it's Feepay!" I replied, "Really, Felipe is Deaf. I didn't know he talked on the phone." Mazen said, "Yup. Hi Feepay. How you doing? I'm doing good. That's good. Are you coming tonight. Yes. Oh good, we can play. Ok. I love you. See you later. See you later. Bye."

Recent Doll names Mazen has invented:
New one from thrift store - Perfect
Baby doll gift from Karma - I can't remember the name but I'm sure Mazen will correct me when I say it wrong.
Bunny Rabbit - Shari
Twin babies in Doll house from Aunt Kelly - girl is Charlie, boy is MayDel
Baby in lady bug outfit from Auntie Jaymie - Macy
We still have Garis, Pocket Baby, Her, Big Her, Dolly, Baby, and a few more.

D3- This is the name of our new ministry. We started it just last night. Check out the website for all the info: We had a 25 year record storm for three days prior that ended sometime on Friday and still 25 people and 4 kids came! What a blessing. Our opening night! I believe God is going to do some great things through D3.

Dissertation - Still working on it. Applying for an extension to August to get everything completed, but I want it all done by June! Please pray for me. Ugh.

Family - Grandma and Grandpa Garrett seem to be doing very well. They got winds and snow this week too. (We got almost 2 feet here and Michael's had almost a full time job shoveling and snow blowing.) They came for Mazen's birthday. She talked about it for months before they came. She has so much fun with them. We use the Dora backpack they gave her EVERY DAY! It's her new "bag." We did away with her baby bag now that's she's 3 and she helped me pack her "needs" in her backpack. Coloring books, crayons, sticker books (of course), baby wipes (for cleaning her hands now that she's a "big girl" who uses the potty), a change of clothes, and a deck of Dora cards from Grandpa Lynn and Grandpa Velma. Then we always have to cram a few babies in there.

Gammama - She was sad she couldn't come to Mazen's birthday and she sent a BIG HUGE box! Mazen squealed with delight over every gift. Gammamma is having surgery on March 13th. We are praying for a great deal of healing to come from this surgery. She's been through so much the last few years. We hope we can go visit her this summer.

Okay.... I gonna sign off for now. Hopefully will write more often. :)


Emily said...

"Feepay's Deaf" - THAT is priceless. ;)

Thanks for updating! Sounds like things are going well. Big hugs to you all!

Francisco and Kristy said...

glad to know you're all doing well.