Monday, June 21, 2004


Saturday morning I got up and started cooking breakfast. Shortly after we were married, Michael and I started a tradition of always having a special breakfast on Saturday morning. Sometimes it's some kind of gourmet bran muffin I make, sometimes crepes, sometimes eggs and sausage and pancakes, etc. This day I made eggs over easy, whole wheat pancakes, and bacon.

I've been trying to master the art of cooking bacon crispy and well done without being burnt. I think I finally figured it out. Anyway, as I was trying to do that on Saturday morning I was thinking of Jaymie and wishing that I could cook the bacon as well as she does.

Then I chuckled. Jaymie, who has an aversion to ANYTHING pork, but will eat bacon (and secretly enjoy it) so long as it's cooked WELL DONE and SUPER CRISPY. She saw some video in health class as a kid and ever since pork has tasted bad to her. I swear she ate some at a Mexican night when Orpha cooked like 30 pounds of pork butt and made carnitas. (They were REALLLLLLLLLLLY good.) Jaymie says no it was beef and Orpha made both pork and beef that night. I honestly can't remember, but something in my memory reminds me of Jaymie at least tasting it and saying that it was good. (Which surprised her.) She can't even stand the smell of pork cooking. It always cracks me up. Sometimes we argue over it and end of laughing or I tease her just because it's fun to. (heh heh heh) I don't think I'll ever convince her to enjoy ribs, or a pork chop, or anything like that.

Ironically, when we first met she was an avid vegetarian. I respected that and didn't try to get her to eat anything meat. (I think she still ate chicken and fish.) I used to think that I would like to be a vegetarian too, but I could never quite manage recipes and cooking and diet plans etc with vegetarianism and gave up trying. So, I thought it was cool of her. But, then, we corrupted her. Me and my friends always ate meat and sure enough the temptation overcame her and she started eating some roast and other things. I was surprised! Then one day she said, "you know, I think I have more energy and feel better since eating meat again." I was so surprised! Later I was really glad we could share some wonderful steaks and things together that maybe we wouldn't have been able to if she had stayed a vegetarian!

But, I doubt she'll ever eat pork. :) (Oh, except for that bacon she likes, and the ocassional really good piece of maple sugar smoked deli ham... and whatever else she might sneakily eat without telling me because she knows I'll pick on her! ha ha She knows I love her.

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Jaymie said...

Okay! Okay! That was NOT pork that was served at Mexican party!!!! *wink* EEeewwww! Now, I'm going to throw up! If I really did eat pork butt *gag..cough...gag*

Yes, you guys did CORRUPT me!! *blushing* But, I admit it did me good.

Well...well...I still will not eat pork! I still gringe at the idea. But, hopefully you won't catch me in my closet eating the overly cooked crispy bacon. *tittering*