Friday, June 11, 2004

Ronald & Nancy Reagan

I found this wonderful picture of the Reagans. It reminded me of the beauty of their love story. In the end they were two people who loved each other dearly. He was a man who changed the world, loved God and his family. He was a servant and a leader. I appreciated so much the many reminders of the wonderful president and the amazing man he was. He was an example to so many.
I so much appreciated the many moments people spoke of his faith. His son, Michael, shared from his heart and shared the message of God's love. His pastor from Bel Air Presbyterian did a wonderful job being pastoral to all of us and again sharing the love of God. What a legacy Mr. Reagan left us all.
Most of the kids I teach don't remember the days when the Soviet Union and the US were at a state of constant tension. The fear of a nuclear bomb war going off at any time. The chains of communism in USSR and Eastern Europe enslaving so many. People in prison for their faith all over that part of the world. It was a different world compared to today.
Reagan was a major part of changing all of that. It amazes me.
I remember interpreting once, a long time ago, for a Deaf person talking to the Superintendent of the schools near Chernobyl. He was responsible for evacuating all the kids when the nuclear power plant melted down. He was an interesting man.
The woman interpreting English/Russian talked to me afterwards. I was interpreting English/ASL. She said she was one of the interpreters at the meetings with Reagan and Gorbachev. She said that she was Gorbachev's favorite interpreter. This was 1989 and Reagan was no longer president and I'm not sure if Gorbachev was in leadership or not. I remember thinking what a small world it all is afterall.
So, here we sat tonight, crying, and watching the funeral. I was so touched by the grief Nancy must feel. I was also reminded of the 21 gun salute, folded flag, and bagpipes at my Dad's funeral. It was hard to watch. It was important to watch. I'm so glad we did.
My husband even wept. It made me love him even more and pray that I won't have to face a day like Nancy. I hope we go home to the Lord one day when we are very very old together holding each other.

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