Friday, June 18, 2004

I started writing about how sad I was the Paul Johnson was killed by those terrorists in Saudi Arabia, but it's just too depressing. Pray for his family. I hope he knew God and had some peace in his last few days.

I keep trying to work on my photo albums, but Mazen won't let me. My sister-in-law, Dawn, makes really nice ones. I started this hobby years ago. Of all my hobbies, it has now taken a front seat. It is so important for Mazen. I got a few things done last night when I had about 45 minutes between feedings and Michael held her. But not nearly what I wanted to.

In spite of all my efforts to clean the house and get things done, it just seems impossible these days. Michael keeps telling me not to worry about it, Mazen is more important than an organized house. But it stresses me out so much! I'm trying to learn how to just let go. Michael is the epitome of laid back, trust God, everything's going to be okay, all the time. I lay in bed wide awake trying to fall asleep, and he sleeps the minute his head hits the pillow. :) I am trying to take lessons from him.

Michael got invited to a restaurant "pre opening" dinner. So we are going tonight for a free meal to a nice place to let the servers practice on us. It should be fun!

Well, it's hard to type with one hand. I wish this baby would learn to entertain herself from time to time. At the last doc appt they said that Mazen is about 2 months ahead in development and acts like a much older baby than she is. She amazed them by grabbing things (that's nothing, she holds her own bottle now), reaching, smiling, communicating, etc. I was so proud of her. Then later that day Michael and I realized that THAT was the reason we had such a high need baby. She DEMANDS constant stimulation and input. She can't stand to be bored. She's very smart (and cute) and wants to interact at all times. She's fine when I put her in the sling and she can watch everything I do. I just can't walk up and down the stairs with her like that. I have no strength and fear falling and hurting her.

Well, this seems like a lame post... but that's my day!

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