Sunday, July 04, 2004


So Kelly sends me the story as SHE told it. I got it wrong! :)

Here it is:

foot, foot foot and foot foot foot were hopping in the forest. They came to a road and the traffic was really bad. It would be very hard to cross the road, but F, FF and FFF saw some really good food across the street and wanted to eat it. Each looked at each other and asked who would go get food for everyone. After much discussion, F, FF and FFF decided that F would brave the traffic to get the yummy food. Well, F looked for a break in the traffic and made a dash for the other side. He didn’t make it. FF and FFF looked at each other. FFF said to FF, “How about you go across the road and get us some food.” He replied, “No way, we already have one foot in the grave.”

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