Friday, August 20, 2004

Christmas in August!

Today I came home and after saying hello to Michael and then to Mazen and resting a bit, Michael told me there was a surprise for me. I got up and he said to stay there. Then he carried in THREE HUGE BOXES from the garage. Apparently UPS showed up today with these huge boxes. They were from Linda Crews. She has lost a bunch of weight and looks great and she packed up all her gorgeous clothes and mailed them to me! What a HUGE blessing. They are all great clothes that fit me! I am so excited. It took me an hour just to open them and look at everything and try things on. All of it is really nice clothes from the nicest stores. And several items will be GREAT even for winter here! That part surprised me being that these are all California clothes! Linda has exquisite taste so evertyhing is really beautiful. I called her to thank her for such a huge blessing. Now I have lots of professional clothes for the start of school at a time when I have maybe 3 outfits to start work with. I am so blessed! Linda told me that some of the clothes came from her sister who lives in Louisiana. Apparently she lost a lot of weight and sent her clothes to Linda. It motivated her to lose weight. So she said that maybe this will motivate me too! :) I am nursing and healing but hoping to be able to lose weight soon. It is a great motivation! I hope that in a year I can bless someone else!

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