Friday, August 20, 2004

Newsy Post

Well, I've had a million things run across my mind to write here, but by the time I finally get home and have time to write it's all fallen out of my head! I've been back at work for two weeks. I don't have to report until Monday, but I knew I couldn't even think if I didn't organize my office and work life. I am really trying to get things done at the office this year and NOT bring any work home. It won't be easy. The hardest part is all the interruptions I seem to get by phone, email, or in person. I am there for the people, but sometimes it's just really hard to get things done. A lot of faculty only do their office hours and then go home to a home office to get their work done.

By the way, no one is voting on our polls! Please vote! Someone wrote in that we were trying to start a family feud. We are just kidding and seeing who is reading our site. We can see that Dawn or Jack have read it because their is a vote for Jack's wife. :)

So far, Booboo is winning the presidential election on my website. I think I'll write Newsweek with the results. :)

Did you see the Men's All Around Gymnastics final at the Olympics? What a NAIL BITER that was! Paul Hamm fell after his vault and was knocked to 12th place. Impossible to medal. But then one thing after another and next thing you know he won the GOLD MEDAL!!! It was amazing. We were so proud. Of course at the end when they interviewed him he had this weird voice and Michael paused the tape and said, "He sounds like Mickey Mouse!" Then when I was talking to my sister Kelly on the phone about it, she played the interview on the internet and I could hear Paul in the background imitating the voice. I laughed hysterically and told Kelly that Michael thought the same thing as Paul. It was funny. I wish the four of us could hang out more often.

Speaking of Kelly. She had an interesting event happen the other day. She gave Breanna a cracker and Breanna gave the cracker to Fresca the dog. So Kelly gave her another one, which went to the dog. After a third cracker was given to the dog, Kelly handed Breanna a dog bisquit to feed Fresca. Of course, THAT was the cracker Breanna decided to eat. Kids.

Speaking of Kelly, for some crazy reason my sister waited until school started and her workload was full and got it in her head to re do her kitchen. So in the past week she has torn ALL the wallpaper off the kitchen walls, repainted all the walls and repainted all the cupboards. Then she still wasn't worn out so she primed the master bath with Killz and then painted it! I can't imagine. Her husband was tired watching her. When are you coming to my house, Kelly! I got LOTS of projects! :)

Speaking of projects, I hope to get Pokey clipped tomorrow. Poor Pokey. She is so hot and uncomfortable. It just takes me a long time. Mazen has stolen all my take care of Pokey and Booboo time. Now they smell like dogs. Blech.

Speaking of Mazen... she's such a big girl now. At her 6 month checkup yesterday the doc said she was ahead developmentally. Both physically and in social skills. :) Yay. We are so proud. She weighed in at 18 pounds (90th percentile) and 27 inches long (90th percentile). She' s going to be a tall girl! (Daddy is secretly hoping for a WNBA player and he thinks I don't know that.) We go to the greatest pediatric clinic! They gave us more FREE FORMULA! Hallelujah! Mom loves freebies. We were at Target the other day and sure enough the formula was $4 off a can and I had two $5 coupons so we got $50 worth of formula for $31!!! Gotta love that!

By the way, I have SEVERAL baby bags now that keep coming with the free formula. If anyone wants one, let me know.

So Mazen was a big hit at the doctors! She got her shots and did so well. She cried only for a few minutes. Now she can start eating more variety of foods. She's only been eating some baby oatmeal with bananas, yams, and avocados. Occasionally she got to sample some watermelon. Now she can eat lots of different kinds of foods and we are going to feed her some chicken tomorrow! I can't wait!!! I bought her some drumsticks and breasts a couple of days ago and Daddy cooked them. We are going to feed her the breast smashed up, but not ground or pureed, and then let her gnaw on a chicken leg bone! It's supposed to be a great teether. We'll see how she does. She's not been constipated for a while now so we are excited to see what she likes. So far she doesn't really like fruit.

Well, that's all for now... I had lots more in my head but it disappeared. Bill Cosby said that our memories are really in our rear end because as soon as we sit down we remember what we got up to go do. But I am sitting down right now so that doesn't seem to work!

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