Wednesday, August 11, 2004

It's Late

I can't believe I am still up. I've been trying to get my sister's blog up and running but the computer keeps thinking it's my blog and won't let me log out. ARGH! I hope she appreciates it!

I've heard from some of you who enjoy reading my blog. I'm glad that someone thinks I'm interesting! (You realize just how boring you are when your students go to sleep during lectures.)

Strangely, my Mom hasn't been reading this site. I keep trying to get her to, but she said "it's so many words!" I told my sister to tell my Mom that I was keeping a diary on the internet. THEN my Mom would read all the words! (Just kidding Mom.) No scandals here to read about, just fun stuff! (I save the scandals for my diary that I keep locked up and hidden.)


Emily said...

Barbara!! Who would ever think your lectures are boring!!! Jenni sent me to your site and I just HAD to comment. Much love to the three of you--you're all wonderful! :)

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