Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Michael is still fighting with his computer this morning. I think the worm is winning right now. But not for long, we got the antidote and Michael will shoot it this morning. It will be a battle though and steal some of his time. Mazen doesn't like that at all.

I heard more on Kerry today. Sigh. Will put it up later.

Yesterday I opened an interesting letter from a woman in prison who is a Christian. She has a burden to reach Deaf people in prison and wants help learning ASL and Deaf ministry. I will send her info on our program and find some good books for her. I don't know if she can watch videos but I will find out about that too. For some reason her letter just struck a chord in my soul. My inclination would be to be suspicious of a letter from prison having worked many hours in the probation and lock up already. But something in my spirit told me that there is something God has planned for this woman. I am excited to watch her story unfold.

I gotta run! Lots to do today. I miss my baby so much. It's hard to be away from her all day. This morning I just wanted to hold her forever. She is so precious. Thank God for my husband. He takes such good care of her. And each day he is my confidante all over again. What would I do without him?

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