Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Well, school has started and already I am sinking deep in the never ending pile of papers and work. I had actually forgotten just how crazy things are. I arrived this morning at 8:30am and it was nonstop all day. I didn't even have time to eat lunch. Finally got to go home at 5:30pm. Feeling a little STRESSED!!! It didn't help that Mazen was up most of the night last night. So lack of sleep, lack of food, and stress made me one dizzy brunette today. I think I must look like a drunk person walking when I get that dizzy.

I keep wanting to put up pictures of Mazen on this site. I did download them from the camera to the laptop. I haven't yet made a CD to transfer them from the laptop to this computer to edit them smaller and put them up. It will take a while. Never enough time.

Today got home from work at 6:00. Michael had stir fry ready to eat. Yum. Ate dinner, and gave Mazen little bites of new foods. She loved it. Then put her in the high chair and fed her some turkey, (she loved that turkey!!!) peas, and oatmeal with bananas in it. She ate really good. Jumped in the tub and bathed Mazen, then laid down and nursed her to sleep while reading a book I need to brush up on before a lecture tomorrow morning at 8 am.

Came downstairs and remembered I better book a ticket to go to CIT in Washington DC in three weeks. Today is the 21 day advanced purchase deadline! It took an HOUR to get it reserved and bought online! Tried calling but they wanted $5 to book it over the phone! What is this world coming to anyway!!! Being CHARGED a fee to have the privilege of PURCHASING something! Weird.

Now I need to pump (Mazen didn't eat real well tonight - exhausted after last night.) and prepare for classes tomorrow. I also still need to type up more of the Chapel schedule. Last night I didn't do much work after I got home and now I'm behind. I forget that this job is from 8am to midnight kind of job. I need the help of the Lord. I feel like I run and work as fast as possible but can't get everything done. There is no way in my strength I can do this. I need HIS strength to get through.

Michael too. He is feeling pretty poorly today. Has a cold. He rarely gets sick. I am worried about him. We will go to bed soon because we both need some sleep.

Okay... gonna sign off now!


Emily said...

Sending BIG love your way. The impact your crazy life makes on people you may never know. Do me a favor though... when you're really tired, close your eyes, imagine five monkeys hanging upside down in your office screeching at the top of their lungs (Hey - it's the CDS office--people can't hear them anyway), and then start laughing because you just think that they're so darn silly you have to join in. It'll make you feel all goofy inside. Promise. :-D

Barbara said...

Thanks for the encouragement Emily! I appreciate it. I NEED it! I really don't feel so special that I think I affect many people's lives. I just work hard and wonder sometimes if I've got my priorities right, etc. But God keeps me going and keeps me at NCU because of students (and former students) like you. :) Thanks.

Jaymie said...

How many times do I have to tell you that everyone finds you very special, Barbara! You better begin believing in that! Those paths you cross are immensely touched by you! I, for one, know for a fact that I can not simply imagine life without you in it. I can hear other people saying, "hear...hear!" Honey, you're doing just fine. You tend to over-do yourself sometimes, Sweetie, and that concerns me, but you are doing a great job for the kingdom of God. I'm proud of you.

Jenni said...

I wish I could remove the stress from your life, but that's just something I don't have the power to do. Know that you have many people behind you, silently caring. Don't forget to eat your vegetables!

Barbara said...

You are too sweet. I don't expect anyone to remove my stress or make it better. I know we are all responsible for how we live our lives. I am just trying to figure out how to do that. I know there has to be a way that doesn't involve looking for another place to fulfill my calling because this is it. :) Some days are just harder than other (for all of us!). Thanks for your encouragement. I keep thinking it will get better in the next few weeks. :)