Thursday, September 02, 2004


For those of you who have been wondering....
the results of the polls are as follows:
President... the winner is.... MY DOG BOOBOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!(fanfare)

Second place: George Bush
Third: John Kerry

Who has the best wife??? Results:
First place tied: Michael and Mazen's Dad!!!!
Second place: Michael's Dad, Glen Garrett!!!!
Third Place Tied: Paul Hodgins, Jack Haggerty, and Connor Haggerty.
(Hey, Connor, when did you get married? We missed the wedding!)


Jaymie said...

Yay, BooBoo, my Miss Ewok!

Barbara said...

BooBoo misses you so much, Jaymie!!!!

Jenni said...

BG - I just posted a comment on your regular-boring-post, but forgot to tell you that I set one of these things up on here (at first just because I wanted to post a comment on Jaymie's, but then it wouldn't let me post because I wasn't a member...blah blah). Anyway, it's if you are ever wondering what's been going on in my head, you can check it out. :)

Barbara said...

I did check it out. Thanks for sharing. I am enjoying it.