Friday, October 29, 2004

This is Cute

Happy Halloween!
Click on this link for something fun.


Thanks Mom!

For those of you who keep asking for a picture of me, here's one of me and Mazen taken just a few days ago on a beautiful Fall day. :)

Mommie & Mazen October 15, 2004


Emily said...

Oh, Yeah!!!!!!!

I haven't seen that face since April!!! :) Thanks for the picture, Barbara!!! You're just so beautiful! :)

(speaking of pics... keep an eye on my blog for the fun new pics to be up soon. hehehehheeeeee)

Kristy said...

I'd like to second Emily...Barbara you look AMAZING!!!!! Holy COW! And that picture?! Oh man....keep that matter what happens when she hits puberty *wink* keep it around ... man I wish I had a picture like that of me and my mom. Take lots of them'll be greatful!

Jenni said...

Yes. Beautiful.