Saturday, October 30, 2004

Extreme Makeover - Booboo Edition

Booboo had an extreme makeover this week. For the first time in 12 years (that's like 85 years for you and me) she got her hair trimmed. We couldn't keep up anymore and the leaves she's been dragging in were too tempting for Mazen to eat. The groomer is a wonderful Christian woman who works out of her home and loves older dogs and ones that need special attention. Booboo was happy to see me when I picked her up, but she wasn't shaking like she usually is! That was good. She still has a lot of hair, it's at least an inch long. It looks like a puppy clip. She is browner and looks younger. Enjoy!

This is Booboo BEFORE her makeover. (Pokey is in the background.)

This is her AFTER picture.

Pokey had to check it out.

"I'm so gorgeous!"

1 comment:

Jaymie said...

I AM SO SHOCKED! WOW! No more Ms. Ewok :( But, she's cute.