Monday, November 29, 2004


We had a great time at Thanksgiving at the Garrett Farm! Mazen had a great time too. She tried to get into EVERYTHING possible, followed Logan all over the house, loved on Tucker more than he ever wanted, slept in the crib her Grandma slept in as a baby, played with the horsie that her Daddy rode as a baby, loved on Didi, the Christmas Deer that once was Tori's, and ate Turkey dinner with everyone. The food was amazing and we all ate too much. Once again I LOVED the cranberry sauce that Betty made. She shared with me how to make it and I'm going to try. It was amazing. The Turkey was moist and wonderful and I think it was pretty much gone by the time we left.

On Friday morning, Dawn, Sharla and I went to the Walmart in Pierre to try to get some of the things that were on sale from 6 to 11 am only. I got up at 4 to get ready and drive to town. Dawn and I got there about 5:45. Good thing Sharla (she lives in Pierre) was already in line. We stood with her up towards the front of the line. I think we were about 50th in line. By the time the doors opened at 6 am the line was 5 deep and went all the way to the back of the parking lot. We made a plan of who would go where and when we got in the store Sharla and I ran to the area we wanted to go while Dawn got a cart. It was hilarious. All these people and carts and running and traffic jam with carts! I had to run through the clothes to get to the area I wanted. When I got my stuff I couldn't move. All the people and carts and stuff was totally jammed. It was like a giant traffic jam on a wide freeway in LA. We were there about 2 hours and had so much fun! I usually hate shopping, but this was like a challenge and I knew exactly what I wanted. We actually had a blast. Dawn and Sharla were fun.

Today I am back to work. Mazen and I have a cold. Yuck. We are hoping to feel better soon. Mazen "snored" most of the night because her sinuses were so full. Poor Baby! She's in good spirits though. She sure was happy to get home, get out of the bucket in the car, and crawl around her house and play with all her stuff. What a fun baby!

I gotta get to work! Later.

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Emily said...

Well, I got to hear Mazen playing with her toys today. :) I talked to Jenni for a minute about 1 Corinthians and she kept playing with Mazen and the train thingy! I suppose if I can't be there to play with her I'll have to do it through friends! :) Blessings and Love!