Friday, December 17, 2004

Long Time

It's been a long time since I wrote. Sorry to all of you who have been checking the site. Things have been crazy around here. Christmas is supposed to be a fun time and often it becomes so crazy, especially with final exams, grading, etc. It's been a crazy few weeks! Whew. Still got a few more things to do. Michael has, as always, been an amazing support. He is so much help and such a good Daddy.

For Christmas we bought one gift for us to share. A new digital camera that is easy to take with us places and MUCH easier to use than the video camera we have. It's also a REALLY great quality! I'm so excited! We have many great pics of Mazen now. :) The sale we hit was SUPER and we got a 5 megapixel at an extremely low price. I should have bought more than one for gifts for a few people! It was a hysterical thing running through WalMart in Pierre at 6 am to grab a camera! There was so much clammoring for it that I ended up grabbing two. I considered getting one for Jim and Sharon because Jim seemed really interested in it. But Dawn and Sharla said he never said to get one. So I put it back. They were gone in just about 10 minutes. I know they won't go down to that price again for a long time. Not at this quality!

Anyway, it's so easy to use that now I'll be able to put pictures up even faster than before. The process to transfer the pictures is so easy that we just pop the camera in and there are the pictures! It's amazing.

Here's a couple of pics

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