Saturday, March 05, 2005

Mazen's Birthday!

Mazen Turned ONE YEAR OLD on February 20th, 2005

Her Grandma and Grandpa Garrett were there, along with Aunt Donna, Maryanne, JoAnn & Rod Smith and our friend Jenni. She had a great time! She missed her friend Jairus and his brother and sister Caleb and Abigail who got sick and couldn't come. But she had a great time showing off in front of everyone. She opened all her presents and had so much fun!

Sugar sure is GOOD!!!

This was Mazen's First time eating sugar! She LOVED it!!!

Mazen LOVES the Wiggles so Mom and Dad gave her her own little Wiggles couch. She loves it and sits on it all the time. She even pulls other people off of it. Mazen's Great Great Great Aunt Donna is sitting behind her.

Mazen with the Baby Stroller from Aunt Kelly

"I'll have no dollies in my stroller, thank you!"

Betty and Aunt Donna Chatting (They both are really good at it.) :)

I spent a month planning what kind of cake to make and finally settled on this. It has 8 layers, raspberry filling and pastry filling, and rolled fondant. It was fun to make. Betty helped me with the flowers and the final design. It took a while. Everything from scratch!

I made Mazen this little cake to demolish and eat on her big birthday.

Kelly's musical gift was a hit!


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Jenni said...

I'm so proud of Mazen...her little eyes hold so much promise.