Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Mazen started walking!!! Tuesday, February 1, 2005 she took her first real steps. About a week before that she tried and actually took two steps but she didn't try again until Tuesday. I was home to see it. It was very exciting. Now she's walking all around the house. She still falls down quite often. She can make it about 4 to 5 feet before she falls down.

She's also going up and down stairs pretty good. I've been teaching her for about 2 months now. The other day I thought I had closed the door really tight as I went upstairs but apparently it was not closed all the way. She crawled from the office to the door, opened it, and then climbed up the stairs likety split! Next thing I know I hear her laughing and clapping because she made it all the way! I freaked out. She goes up them quickly. She's still learning how to go down. She knows how, but sometimes she forgets which direction she is going and starts back up the stairs. The other day, Michael was helping her go down - she goes backwards, kneeling and then letting one foot down at a time - well she made the first step and then she stood up and applauded herself. We were afraid she would fall and we were laughing at her at the same time.

She loves talking on the phone and has learned turn taking already. We can't understand her words, but she sure talks up a storm on the phone. Mazen has a vocabulary of 5 words now:

Thank You

Her favorite things are the Wiggles, bathtime, and she loved legos at the store the other day but she doesn't have any yet. :)


Jenni said...

She's my precious baby girl!!!!!

Emily said...

Yeah!!!! Thanks for the update!!