Sunday, March 27, 2005

Mom's New House

Well, Mom and Jon finally did it! They bought a house in North Carolina and are going to move to warmer weather someday soon. We don't know exactly when they will move, but I haven't heard my Mom this happy in a long time. She is genuinely excited. It's nice to see. Here's a picture of the house:

It's in the Historic District of Washington, NC and just a few blocks from Pamlico Bay. The bay is an inlet from the coast. Due east is the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Maybe an hour drive to sandy beaches. But they have the Bay right there. They are on a street that is residential and commercial, so some of the other Victorian homes are Lawyer's offices etc. They block the street off once a month for a music festival and an open market. Mom and Jon are really excited about this home. We are all very happy for them. They'll know by Tuesday if the sellers accept their offer.

Here's a map of how close it is to the water!

The next picture shows how far to the outer banks and ocean:

It's 123 miles to Kelly's house in Fuquay. It sounds like a nice house and nice place to live.

I think a good title for the book about this move will be:
"A Connecticut Yankee and a Westerner in Queen Victoria's Southern Quarter"


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Calley said...

hehe...I like the book title. Will you be writing a book when you get finished with your dissertation? :)