Saturday, March 26, 2005

What a Weekend!

We've had quite a weekend so far. We had to cancel our plans to go to SD because we had so much work to do around the hosue. It's been crazy! So far we have...

Painted the family room downstairs
Painted the stairwell
Painted the Upstairs bedroom
Started repairing the Glass Doors outside
Bought wood to enclose the stairwell and cut it to size
Started repairing the floor
Packed up lots of books to make the shelves less full
Gone to the hardware store at least a dozen times
Put in a new Pedestal Sink in the main floor bath
Ordered carpet for the basement
Tore up the carpet on the stairs

Right now Michael is outside scraping the foundation of the house and the garage so we can paint them both. Then we will finish the floor (ugh, that'll be a ton of work). Mazen just went down for a nap. I'm going to finish working on the office, organizing and cleaning it up to look presentable for showing. Ugh!

After all the painting, bending, squatting, etc, I really was sore. Last night I hurt and I thought I would just get better. It's the most work I've done in 18 months so I knew my body was just tired from it. This morning I woke up and could barely move and my pubic bone was spasming and giving me all kinds of fits. It was so painful to move. I forgot how much pain I was in during my pregnancy. It was actually not as bad but brought back the memories and it hurt so much. I shuffled to the bathroom (we slept in the guest room because the upstairs was drying) and took a percocet and hobbled back into bed. It was awful. A little while later I added ibuprofen to it. They work well together. It took an hour for the pain to subside. It's much better now. Michael prayed with me and I slept another 2 hours.

We had several people over on Friday to help us. They were wonderful! That way we had more people to work and Mazen got to play with Jenni so she was out of our hair. I could hear Mazen laughing and laughing with Jenni. It was so neat.

Okay, well, I gotta grab some time to work while I can!

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