Friday, March 18, 2005


I'm sitting here in my office looking out over the parking lot behind my building... it's just depressing. People are slogging their way across the streets, through the parking lot, sweeping snow off their cars, and sliding out of the parking lot to creep their way home. I have a weekend class to teach in about 45 minutes and I'm just eating this stale sub sandwich from the deli so I don't have to go anywhere. Bless her heart, my work study slogged over to the deli and back to bring me this meal. :)

So, Jenni is writing about swimsuit season and I'm sitting here wondering why she's worrying about swimsuits. Snowsuits is more like it. Where is Ed G anyway???? "I hate snow, I hate snow, I hate snow..." he'd sing.

This kind of weather is just wrong. That's all it is. It's wrong. It's a perfect example of sin in the world. The absence of Shalom, chaos, an order that's not of God, not in His plan. Oh, yes, I know you winter snow lovers would disagree! Ok. I'll even agree that a nice snowfall at Christmas might be one of God's prettier things. And I wouldn't even mind a month or two of that. Even three. But THIS!!!! This is MARCH! Easter baskets, and sundresses, and white shoes, little girls in their easter bonnets, and little kids finding candy and eggs in the grass, and people having picnics, and picking flowers, and reading by the window in the rain... THAT is March.

They showed the MSP airport on the news this morning. All these Minnesotans in their shorts and sandals standing in line. They dressed that way to go through the snow just because they couldn't wait to see the sun when the plane landed in some far away sunny destination. This state probably has the biggest winter travel market of all places in the US! Ok, maybe Wisconsin is close.

Kristy said, "It was 80 degrees at home last week!" ARGH! Hey Kristy, I'll take rain over this yuck snow any day! :)

okay, I'm done venting. I'm off to my class to make a group of students sit in a room for the next 4 hours wondering how much snow will be awaiting our exit at 10 pm. NCU sent EVERYONE home at 3pm. We got a message that all offices will be closed at 3pm and everyone is to go home. Oh, by the way weekend classes are not cancelled. :) So here we are.

A nice fire in the fireplace, a cup of mocha, my husband, and a blanket would be a wonderful thing right now.


Jaymie said...

You done venting now? A tightened smile and a pat on your arm with one hand with the other hand in a bent middle finger moving in a up/down rotation. It's nice living in southern California! Ooowww! OH! I'm so sorry for rubbing it in your face.'s nice here and I know you already know that. Aw, I feel bad for you, dear friend. You're definitely right about Easter! Well...we've had the wettest season in a century! Seattle is even surprised that we beat them for the rain percentage this year. Just as I'm typing this, we are having another rain that is supposed to last until Tuesday. And the weird thing is....I love it!!! Does that mean I could live in Seattle with all of their rain? Yeah, I think I could. Brrrr, freezing cold and snowy Minnesota? No, I decline. I stand with you, Ed G. Hehe. OK, I'm done now teasing you, my friend. I really do hope it brightens up soon! ILY!

Emily said...

Sigh... I miss Ed, too... Thanks for the snow song reminders. hehe ;)

As for rain... Our (WA) governor (the one they finally decided on... oy!) has declared a drought. Already. In March. We're preparing for what could be the driest year in a LOOOONG time. It's raining this weekend, I miss the sunshine, but... we desperately need it. You know what I don't miss, though?? MINNESOTA IN THE WINTER/SPRING. Sorry... Vast frozenness just isn't fun! LOL Love you!

Jenni said...

I think there might be hope yet! I am driving with my window down today and when I got in my car after thrift shopping, it was too warm for me. yes, spring IS coming...

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