Monday, April 25, 2005

Another Day in the House of B

Well, we are learning to put ourselves to sleep. :) Whew! Haven't had any throw up for TWO WHOLE NIGHTS now! YAY! We are excited. Mazen cried a little tonight (complaining mostly) and then went to sleep. Ahhhh life is so much better with this. She knows once she' s in the tub that the routine has started and by the time we get to the toothbrush she knows that we pray, have a little bit of rocking time, and then bed. I think she's doing so well.

Michael and I found a house we are praying about. It's a fixer upper, but seems to be mostly fix up kinds of things we can do. It's a foreclosure so we hope to get a good price on it, but alas, our house hasn't sold yet. We really need to hear from the Lord about this house and the location He wants us for ministry and for life. :) It's so important.

Tonight I went over to NCU for a special ceremony for inducting students into Alpa Chi, an honor society. One of my students asked me to come in support of her and I was so honored. She's an amazing student and means so much to me. I felt so proud watching her light her candle and repeat the oath. We talked afterwards and she's doing so many great things. I know she's going to go so far in life. She's not shy, but has a quiet personality in class. I always want her to say more things in class because she has such insight. She's a strong woman with so much to offer. Really bright and insightful. It was special to be there for her tonight.

Okay... it's late and I gotta get to bed and back to NCU in the morning. I got to put Mazen to bed before I left tonight and it was really sweet to hold her and pray over her and then let her go to sleep on her own! WOOO HOOO!!!!


Emily said...

Barbara - I'm in the house hunting process, too. However, if you were selling your house in Washington, you'd have had 19 offers on it by now. The market's HOT and HIGH. Which is SO not fair for your first time, SINGLE, homebuyer.

I like reading your blog. I'm feeling kind of disconnected lately and you are another way that God reveals himself to me. Even from five states away. BIG hugs. :)

Jenni said...

I'm so proud of Mazen! She is growing and maturing quickly and I love her so much. And what a relief for you two to be able to shorten the bedtime routine!