Thursday, April 21, 2005

Day 2 In the House of Barf

Well, we've survived another night of trying to help Mazen learn to put herself to sleep. Our evenings center around words starting with the letter B now.

Brush teeth,
Bedtime Prayers,
Barf Clean Up,
Bed Again


This time she puked all over the bookshelf. That was gross. And she had cheese for dinner. NO MORE CHEESE for dinner! ARGH! Mommie almost barfed. I think she aimed for the bookshelf. It was the one place near the crib that wasn't wrapped in a myriad of towels. She didn't even cry hard this time. She just whined a bit, then coughed and hacked until she puked. I think she's doing it on purpose. God, give us strength to make it through this! Other parents say it's only the beginning. Trial by fire, or by barf I should say. I hope she learns quickly. She's asleep now.

More later....

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