Thursday, June 30, 2005

Been too long

I know, I know.... It's been too long since I posted. I've been a LITTLE busy!!! :)

Yesterday I turned 40. Ugh. I keep telling Michael, "Now I'm 'OLD'.... He tells me I'm just starting my years of wisdom. One can only hope, eh?

I'm so glad I have Michael. If I didn't have him and Mazen yesterday I probably would have spent the whole day in bed with a box of chocolate and depression. Instead I woke up to a lovely gift from Mazen of sparkle dust face powder (which she wanted to play with and keep!). Then we went to Ikea and dreamed of things for our new house, bought a few little things for the kitchen and Mazen's room, and then went home to meet up with Jenni. Michael had scheduled her to babysit and I didn't know until we were on our way home from Ikea.

Then Michael told me that he had a surprise but due to the weather forecast wasn't sure if it would still be a good thing to do. (big thunderstorms). We decided to go ahead and go for it. He surprised me with a wonderful dinner cruise on a paddle boat on the St. Croix River!!!! We drove to Stillwater, through rush hour traffic, and made it with 3 minutes to spare!

We got on the boat and the weather was PERFECT!!! The sun was out, it was warm, and we rode on the St. Croix on the upper deck in the wind. We watched the drawbridge go up and we went under it. The food was AMAZING! Prime rib dinner with baked potato, salad, fruit and dessert. we ate looking out the window at the scenery, the animals, the birds... houses on the water.

Then we went up to the top again and rode back the way we came. The boat reminded me of the boat we rented for Kelly's Bridal shower on the Lake of the Ozarks. I remember enjoying that trip a lot and at the same time wishing I had someone to go on a boat like that with someday. Then last night that silent wish came true. What a blessing. It was an amazing surprise for my 40th birthday.

My sister sent me a necklace with a mystic fire topaz pendant. It's a HUGE stone and it's SO pretty. It kind of changes color depending on what you wear it with. It goes really well with peaches, pinks, brown, or red. I wore it with a new blouse my Mom gave me for my birthday that has peach colored stripes in it. It was so nice. I'm wearing it again today.

I really wasn't expecting anything for my birthday because I told Michael that I didn't want to have a party until we got into the new house. So I just kind of forgot about it. Then a couple of days ago I realized, "I'm turning FORTYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Argh! So it was really nice to have a special day like that.

Mazen seemed to have a good time with Jenni and went to bed well. She of course got up several times in the night. Ugh. We aren't sure what's wrong with her these days. The dr. said that she probably has some acid reflux which is going around with a cold and that's why she's getting up so often at night. She cries really hard.

She's started wanting us to hold her foot all the time now. When we are driving she cries (that complaining cry) until we hold her foot for her. Then a couple of nights ago when we put her to bed, she lifted her leg up and held her foot out for us to hold. It was so cute! She cracks us up.

We leave tomorrow for AG Family Camp in Minnesota so won't have much time to write for a few days. Miss everyone!


Jenni said...

Oh Mazen! The foot thing is hilarious! I'll try to get those pics to you before long. Love you!

Emily said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You're one amazing 40-year-old, did you know that? I want to be like you when I get there. :) LOVE TO YOU!